Here is my list of style favourites for Autumn and Winter:


Knitted Jumpers 



Coloured Sweatshirts



Cropped Jumpers





Fluffy Jumpers

I honestly love knitted jumpers and they are a popular choice for Autumn and Winter seasons! There are so many different colours you can choose from as well!

My second favourite Autumn and Winter look has to be coloured sweatshirts as they are so stylish and fashionable at the moment. I simply love every single one I have.

I own fluffy jumpers, but they have been out of fashion for a while. When I was in New Look this month, I saw some and will be releasing a blog                  soon on them!

Cropped Jumpers are very in fashion at the moment and many shops are selling them. I have numerous cropped jumpers. I only ranked them 4th because they aren't warm enough for Winter and Autumn months.

Jeggings are extremely popular this season for their casual look when being worn but also the comfort they provide. Right now I prefer jeggings to my jeans due to how comfortable my jeggings are. 




Here are some of the next blogs I will be doing so you know when your favourites will be posted! This is not an exact plan as I may be changing things, but you can expect all of these blogs to be released soon!

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Have any suggestions, do not hesitate to tell me what you would like me to do or change on my upcoming blogs schedule!

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