Hello everyone!

Today I am going to be writing about my favourite Autumn looks. Autumn and Winter are especially important as this is when it is coldest in the year. I like to keep fashionable while wearing my own comfortable clothes.

My Autumn look :

- A burgundy jumper

- Blue jeggings

- Uggs

- Cluse watch

My burgundy jumper:

I love this jumper because it is cosy, casual and also basic. Burgundy (or dark purple) is a very popular colour at the moment and features in

every clothes shop. I especially like this jumper because it is not as warm as many of my other clothes and so I can also wear it not only in Autumn and Winter but also in Spring. This jumper is from H&M and was £8.99. I can wear it with practically anything underneath, varying from long sleeve tops to summer shirts, making this jumper versatile and compatible with any season and month.

My Blue Jeggings:

The jeggings I own are super soft and are therefore the most comfortable trousers I own. I especially love their light blue col

our and the fact that they are so warm, but much more pleasant to wear than any of my jeans, The jeggings are called 'feather soft low' and are also from H&M. They cost £34.99 and although they are expensive, they are completely worth the price.

My Uggs:

I am particularly fussy when it comes to shoe shopping and it is a rare occasion when I find shoes that are perfect. Because of this, I try to find the most comfortable shoes possible for Autumn and Winter months. I have gone from years of wearing boots to realising that there are more options for shoes. When I first tried on Uggs, they felt so different to anything else I had worn and I felt like I was wearing slippers! Uggs are very expensive however, and can range from £60 - £200. These Uggs are £100.

My Watch:

I got my watch for Christmas last year, but it is still in fashion. It is rose gold and comfortable on my wrist. The straps are pink (as you can see from the photo) however they can be changed. My watch is from Cluse and was £80.00.

I hope you like my Autumn Ideas, if you are interested into any of these products then please check out my 21 buttons where there will be a photo upload of me wearing these clothes. Thank you for reading, please comment your own ideas for Autumn fashion in the comments box below! Follow ,my Instagram (@bethlucyblogs) for more posts.

Beth Lucy .



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