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Today I am writing about Taylor Swift, because she is my absolute role model and I think she is amazing! Not only is she an incredible singer and has the best music videos I have ever watched; but her songs are so powerful and their lyrics are amazing! I have been a fan of her music since 'Love Story' was released when I was probably only around 7 years old. I loved it so much because it tells a story and that appeals to young people because they can understand it and it is about Romeo and Juliet.

Since then, I have listened to all of Taylor's current music and I was even lucky enough to watch her perform 1989 in Hyde Park in London in 2015!

I am a very young fan of Taylor's, so I don't have as much choice to watch her tour, but I still keep updated with what she does by following her social media. Also, due to not living in the USA, it can be difficult to be a fan here in the UK, although I feel there are still so many people here who love Taylor and it is not as hard as in other countries to get her merchandise.

I am very excited about Taylor's most recent album, Reputation. Before she released it, she kept all her fans in suspense by releasing one song one week and then another the week later and then also music videos. I had been looking forward to it for so long, and I was so exhilarated when I listened to the full album for the first time on its release on the 10th of November.

Taylor Swift has written some fantastic songs in her new album, my favourites include:

- Call it what you want

- Gorgeous

- Look what you made me do

- End game

- So it goes.

But I am still unsure as to whether I prefer Reputation to her previous album 1989? 1989 is an amazing album! I love every single song on it, including my favourites which are:

- I know places

- Blank Space

- Clean

- How you get the girl

Taylor's new songs are evidently different to her older albums and it is obvious she has changed. 'Look what you made me do' tells how she has become different and is angry with all her enemies. The song features rumours that have been going around the last year.

I also love the new songs she released, such as 'Call it what you want', 'so it goes' and 'gorgeous' as they are more similar to her songs in 1989 and I am really pleased that Taylor is finally happy again as the lyrics show she has found someone she truly loves.

I also like 'this is why we can't have nice things,' it is a catchy tune and different to anything else I have heard from her. The music varies in the 'Reputation' album which is really great because we get to understand the many layers of Taylor's emotions and personality!

My final favourite song is 'End game' because it is upbeat and unique to anything she has ever made before. Ed Sheeran and Future featuring, making this track modernised and upbeat. I like how Ed Sheeran features, he is a really loyal and valuable friend to Taylor because they have also written 'Everything has changed,' together and therefore I also really like him. He makes 'End game' really catchy and meaningful.

I do really like 'Reputation' but I am unsure whether I prefer '1989,' they are both such amazing albums and I am so happy that Taylor released new music for all her fans to enjoy! As I haven't listened to 'Reputation' as much as '1989' yet, then I am unsure If I prefer 'Reputation' but I do still really like it and Taylor's new songs are amazing!

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Beth Lucy



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