Today is my 4th favourite author of 2017. Philippa Gregory is very talented and experienced when writing about the Medieval and Tudor periods, her books are fantastic if you want to learn more about Henry VIII or any of the important historical figures at his court. All her books are exceptional and I have read almost every single one! My favourites include: The White Queen, the white princess, the red Queen, the King's Curse, the other Boleyn girl, the constant princess and the other Queen. 

Here are some reviews of a few of her books which I like the most and would advise you to read if you want to learn more about this historical time period or enjoy reading about the 1500's. 


The first book I read by Gregory  and my absolute favourite, I definitely recommend it. We have all heard about Anne Boleyn, and how she was executed shortly after giving birth to her daughter Elizabeth, but do you know what happened to her sister Mary? Learn about how before Anne, Mary Boleyn was supposed to marry Henry as he fell in love with her while she was a young woman at her court. However, this all changes when Anne suddenly arrives at Court after living in France and impresses the King. Mary is removed from court... 


This book is amazing and one of my favourites, I would definitely recommend it! This book is about Kateryn Parr, Henry the VIII's last and final wife who outlives him, she is like a mother to Henry's other children with his previous wives and even lets them stay at the court despite their illegitimacy. She lives an extraordinary life and this book is written in first person to her own experiences, relationship with Henry and her husband after (Thomas Seymour) and how Elizabeth grows up with her. I loved this book and learnt so much from it! 


This book was released earlier this YEAR! If you have not read it but a huge fan, I would definitely recommend it! I am still reading it but think it absolutely amazing and a great read. If you are interested in finding out about Lady Jane Grey, the cousin who was Queen for 9 days before she was beheaded then this is the perfect book, I think it is as good as all of Gregory's other books. Go and check it out if you are interested. She has also written the books of Order of the Darkness which were released this year and will be released next year, If you like the sound of them then I definitely recommend them! 

Thank you for reading this, If you enjoyed it then please check out my Instagram - @bethlucyblogs. Or share this blog, if you would like to know where you can read more about Philippa Gregory's books then click here to go to her website - http://www.philippagregory.com/books

Beth Lucy 



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