Hello! My last and favourite author of 2017, is Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I have only read one of his books so far this year called 'The shadow of the wind.' In this blog I am also going to tell you more about my other favourite book I read recently which is 'captain Corelli's mandolin' however this is not by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.


This book is exceptional and I absolutely loved it. It can be confusing at the beginning and not that interesting, however this changes quickly. 10 year old Daniel finds the book - 'the shadow of the wind' in an old secret library in Barcelona and instantly loves the book. However as he grows up, many adults become interested by the book and then one night as he walks home a man says he wants the book to burn and knows Daniel has it. He calls himself by the same name as the devil In 'the shadow of the wind.' Daniel then tries to stay away from this man and wants to find out more about the author instead - Julian Carex and why all his books cease to exist. The book takes the reader on an unforgettable journey into finding out about the mysterious man and the author of the book.


This epic story by LouisDe Bernieres tells the story of Pelgia and Captain Corelli and how they fall in love. It is set in a small island in Greece during World War II and Corelli is an Italian soldier stationed on the island. Pelgia (a greek woman) has to house the captian and although her father hates him at first, he then realises they are in love.

The book is confusing however, as at the beginning Pelgia is in love with a man called Mandras, however she becomes angry that after their engagement he goes off to war. She becomes even more angry when he never responds to the letters she writes, until she realises he is illiterate and could not read them. By the time Captain Correli arrives on the island, Mandras Is long forgotten - even by his fiancé! Occasionally, the chapters switch to a man who is an Italian soldier, which was really confusing as I thought he was Captain Corelli as you never learn his name. However he is actually called Carlos and a close friend of Corelli's.

I absolutely loved this book and 'The Shadow of the wind' I would definitely recommend them. They may be hard tp comprehend at first but if you keep reading them then you will sooner or later become engrossed in the stories.

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I hope you liked these books and so please read them if you are interested or contact me for more details! I am also going to be writing my next blog on my favourite winter fashion and gift guides for Christmas and birthday presents! Keep in contact if interested! Thank you for reading this.

Beth Lucy



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