It is nearly Christmas and so why would I not do a Christmas gift guide blog?

Today I have been brainstorming ideas for some great gifts to receive for Christmas or Birthdays. I have decided on one main idea that I will share with you.

Firstly, what about something that Is Christmassy? Do you like presents that are just really simple? For some examples; last year I received: lip balms in a container which was like a lollypop. And a Christmas book. (There are some photos on my Instagram so go check them out - @bethlucyblogs) However also you could give someone a Christmas film, or Christmas socks, even an album made up of your favourite Christmas tunes! Just anything related to Christmas!

I like going with the theme of Christmas, however this year I have changed my mind and have decided that I prefer a more personalised and bespoke style. This year I have many ideas for personal presents. It may be too late to order a present to arrive for Christmas but it is never too late to get creative and make something!

My favourite things to do this Christmas:

- Buy/find a spare frame and put some of your favourite pictures of each other in it.

- Buy/find a book and write about all your memories that you have.

I have created the second idea for my friend, so that you guys can see how it worked out! It is so simple! I also received one from a friend and here are some pictures.

- Firstly, find a spare notepad or book that you can use for the pictures to go in.

- Then print all the pictures you want to use off your computer.

- Stick them into the book, write the date and about the photo/memory.

- Once you have completed as many photos as you want - the present will be complete!

Although this may take a long time (dependant on how many photos you use) the end result will be great and the notebook will be transformed. This present idea is great, cheap, effective and thoughtful. Hopefully your friends will love it as much as I did! Here are some photos from the example one I made today!

These are some examples of the stages in making the personalised memory book! Thank you for reading this I hope you liked it! If you did then share it or give it a like! If you didn't like this example and prefer bought goods, then why not try and find your friend a personalised necklace or bracelet? These are also really good Christmas gifts and are very thoughtful. Check out my Instagram to see more - @bethlucyblogs.

Beth Lucy



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