I have wanted to start a new genre of blog, called Travel for quite some time and now I am finally releasing it! This blog is about Harry Potter and the Warner Bros Studios where I went with my whole year as it was an art school trip. You may think this blog is irrelevant to you as you may have already been, but this is the whole purpose of this blog, to tell you what has been changed and improved since your last visit! And if you have never been, keep reading...

The trip was really interesting and exciting as although I had been before, I noticed a lot had changed from my last visit. I really recommend you go whether you have been before or have never been as it is a really impressive and there are so many new things that have been created in the studios recently in 2017 or 2016. Here are some examples of what you can see and do in the Studios;

- You can see clothes and important objects from the Harry Potter films.

- You can see the great hall.

- You can see the blue flying car used in the films and the head teacher's offices.

- You can walk through the forests and see the types of creatures used in the films such as Buck Beak.

- There is Platform 9 and 3/4 which you can visit and board the Hogwarts Express.

- You can take a picture sitting in a pretend cabin on the train.

- You can go on the Knight Bus.

- You can see and go inside Privet Close (Harry's house)

- There are some treats and drinks from the films, such as butter beer.

- There is a lot to do in the lunch canteen area.

- You can look at the creature models and read information about them.

- There is Diagon Alley so that you can go down it.

- There is a large model of the Hogwarts castle.

- Finally, there is the Gift Shop where you can buy wands and other treats.


- You can walk through the Forest and see creatures in the set.

- You can sit in a carriage on board the Hogwarts Express and take photos with your friends.

- You can go inside Harry's home at Privet Close.

I really enjoyed this trip and would definitely recommend you go if you have never been and if you have been already. What they have added to the studios since my last trip was really interesting and inspiring. My favourite part of the day was going to the shop and buying butter beer as well as seeing Harry's house.

However, after spending my money on butter beer i had no money to buy anything from the gift shop. The cheapest thing on sale was £1 and the most expensive thing you could buy was more than £100. Wands and clothes from the films are expensive, so I would recommend if you want to buy from the gift shop some gifts to bring at least £10-£15. (Unless you want to buy a wand!) And if you are having lunch in the café then maybe bring £30.

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Beth Lucy



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