As it has been the holidays, I went to the cinema on the 27th of December with my family. It was a really nice day to go as we weren't busy and it was also nice to spend it with my family. We went to our most local cinema and watched Paddington 2! Without giving away the film, I can tell you that it is hilarious, suitable for any age group and so engrossing.

The film is especially amusing at the start, you see Paddington living with his family in London at Windsor Gardens, until he decides he wants to get a job to raise money for a present for his aunt. If you have watched any of the trailers already on YouTube then you will know that this film is an adventure to catch a mysterious individual who is running around the famous landscapes of London and ruining things on the way, while trying to find hidden letters. It is up to Paddington's family to stop the thief as Paddington cannot help as he is imprisoned. I do not want to give the whole film away, however I can say that this film was absolutely brilliant and from the first five minutes I knew it was going to be entertaining the whole way through! I think anyone who has watched the first Paddington film already will really enjoy this one.

Everything continues from the last film which is really interesting to see how the family have changed and Paddington. Despite this, I think this film is still easy to understand if you have not already watched the first Paddington film as it is not overly complicated. I liked the story line which was an adventure to find the mysterious man and I also liked how everything linked together. I thought this film was so good, entertaining, funny and clever how everything connects to find the thief. I would recommend this film to anyone, it is really nice to watch with family and friends and is also suitable for little children and older adults.

Attached is a picture of me and my sister sitting with Paddington Bear in London! This was beside the River Thames!

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Beth Lucy



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