Hello! Today I am going to be writing about my favourite tops of 2018. Although it is still January, I decided to write this blog because I was always meant to before 2017 ended! Last year I did many fashion blogs, such as my favourite winter and autumn looks as well as my favourite knitted jumpers. You can expect so many more as I am hoping to do my favourite dresses and summer and spring looks! As well as my favourite outfit of the year which I am SO excited to release!

Today I have chosen a selection of my favourite t-shirts / tops that I like that are also relatively cheap and which I bought in sales/ are in sales now. You can wear them for a party or meal out or just as casual tops. I have also included some pictures of my clothes so you can see what they look like when tried on.

Here are some of my favourite tops of 2018:

- Blue stripe floral patterned v neck from New Look. £6

- Red stripe floral patterned v neck top from New Look. £7

- Khaki t-shirt with front knot. £2.99 (from bershka)

- Red tank top. £2.99 (from bershka)


This top is beautiful, and perfect for a special occasion. It is very

pretty and as a v neck has lovely straps. I think this top is so nice and the fact I found it in the sale made me even more excited and happy to buy it! However when I looked on the

New look website I was upset to find it was no longer on there as I had found it in the sale they no longer stocked it, however it does come In different colours. If you

do like this top I do recommend you check out my 21 buttons as although I could not find the blue top I could find an example

Of the red one! This I believe is at the moment on their website. I also posted a picture showing all the other colours the top comes in such as black, red and yellow! You can see the products mentioned also in this Picture on my 21 buttons .


I bought this top after finding my blue one in the sale, I love this one as it is so similar and such great value! I bought it because I liked it so much and it was a Colour I do not normally wear. There are some pictures of this top on my 21 buttons account. I did check the website (New Look) and could find the top! You can buy it on my 21 button s for £7. This top is a pleated version of my blue top and so in some ways is very different , however I can also tag the red example of the blue top if you prefer it and the black and yellow! There are so many different types so find and buy your favourite!!


I got this top from Bershka from a friend which is one of my favourite shops now. Khaki is a popular colour at the moment and so I chose to buy a top in that colour.

Khaki also looks really nice on brunettes as it does on any one with any colour of hair! My sister is wearing one in the photo on my

21 Buttons with me in the blue floral print stripe v neck from new look. This is a bodysuit from river island that she wears in it. However, this top I have now from bershka, is stylish and so nice. It has a knot which is nice and

makes it a crop top which I like. I got this top from a friend and it cost £5.99 however it is now reduced in a sale to £2.99! If you like it you can buy it on www.bershka.com or through my 21 buttons post however if you like this colour do it online as on my 21 buttons i could only find the different colours. So check this post out if you want to see the different patterns and colours.


This top is lovely, I love tops like this and red / burgundy is such a popular colour. This top is nice and although tight fits well and because of bershkas sizing I would recommend a medium even if you are usually a small in case you find it too tight. I would also recommend a strapless bra with this top. I love this top and have another top on my 21 buttons similar to it which is from new look. It is a cropped version. I could find this top on 21 buttons in this colour and in white, pink and black which is really nice! And all for only £2.99! I hope you like it!

Thank you so much for reading this! I hope you like the clothes! I included so many pictures so you can choose which ones you like the most. You do not need a direct link to the websites where i bought the clothes from as if you follow my 21Buttons link you can find these photos on there and the clothes. However, i did buy these clothes from New Look and Bershka and could only find these clothes on 21 Buttons rather than the specific websites so if you like the clothes and are interested in buying them or visiting them on the websites then follow any of the links on my blog to take you there!

Do not forget to follow my Instagram @bethlucyblogs if you don't already so you can see my exclusive posts and next blog releases as well you can vote on my fun polls and more!

Beth Lucy



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