Thanks for coming back to my blog! It is nearly the weekend and so I have decided to write a book review about one of my favourite books of the year so far. Now, this book called 'One day' by David Nicholls is 448 pages long and was first published in 2009. If you are reading this blog right now then I presume you either love this book or hate this book? I am sure you cannot have mixed feelings about it, it's just one of those books you cannot think is ok. You either hate it or love it! So, seeing as I am writing a book review about this book and I have posted so much on my Instagram - @bethlucyblogs - about this book and eternal praise for the author then you can probably guess that I am one of those who having read the novel, I loved it.

Of course, if you are reading this blog, you may have never read it? Well that's alright as I am going to tell you why you should read it shortly. Also, if you really don't like this book/ don't like it after you read it, then don't blame me! Everyone has different opinions!

If you look at the front cover you can see an outline of two faces. A man and a woman are both leaning into each other - like they are about to kiss. This book is a romance novel, a lot of the book is about relationships. I am suggesting if you are not into relationship kind of novels, then do not read this! The book is built around relationships.

Now as I have explained, the book was published in 2009, quite a long time ago! And the actual book setting and date is even longer before! The book starts in 1988 on the 15th July. Now this was quite a long time ago, and so it is interesting to read. The two main characters, Emma and Dexter are at the same university and on the night of the graduation they get together.

They talk about their plans for the future, the types of lives they would like to live and what they will be like in 20 years time. The book follows each of their lives for the next 20 years (always on the 15th July as this was when they met), where they cross paths and begin different friendships. As well, they meet new people in the start of their new careers. I found it interesting to see how different their lives were, as from the opening of the book you cannot really tell what each of their characters are like, however their personalities become more obvious throughout the book. You also learn about their relationships and families.

The thing that I think that is so distinct about this book, is the friendship between Dexter and Emma, despite the one night they spent together in University, their friendship goes from strength to strength through the years. Additionally, although they lead different lifestyles and have different interests, they always remain close friends. The story follows their lives from 1988 through to 2007 where it is interesting to reflect on their lives and how much they have done on their own successfully and together. I also liked how at the end the book goes back 20 years to see what happened to Emma and Dexter after they meet and what they spend the next morning doing together, after the night of their graduation.

I think that by the end of the book, you will realise how amazing the story really is. So much happens, and each year in the book, the story and friendships go from strength to strength. Of course, you may not like the book, but I hope that you still understand how important Emma and Dexter's friendship was. I also need to stress that this book is NOT appropriate for younger readers - in some parts it includes inappropriate language and context. Additionally, there is also a lot of drug misuse in the book which makes it a better book for adults and older children.

So, why not give this book a read? I am sure by the end you will think really differently about the characters. As well, you feel like you know the characters as if they were your friends, which is another thing I love about this book! Out of Dexter and Emma who did you like the most? I think I liked Emma more, however I didn't like how she made us feel sorry for her at the beginning!

Anyway, please comment your favourite character from the book in the comments box to the right, or on my Instagram - @bethlucyblogs - I would love to know! And if you liked this book review please share or like this blog! I love feedback as well so please send me some! My next blog will be coming again this time next week on either a fashion post or another book review so check out my Instagram - @bethlucyblogs - to see my posts and fun polls on my story! Thanks so much for reading this!

Beth Lucy



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