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Today I am going to be writing about the most common objects or possessions left behind at hotels by teenage girls. Before I start, I wonder if you have ever left anything behind on holiday? Were you in a rush and did you forget something really important? Although you would probably believe it be insane or incredibly stupid, some people have left behind purses and suitcases stashed with hundreds of pounds! I hardly expect you have done that before, but have you left behind anything valuable? Here is a list I made of some items I think would be left behind at hotels by teenage girls.


- Clothes and pyjamas

- Phones, tablets and laptops

- chargers

- glasses

- toiletries and makeup

- jewellery

- books


In a rush, it can be understandable why some teenagers leave behind clothes and pyjamas. When I stay at hotels, I usually try to keep all my clothes in the cupboards and drawers provided, however, I sometimes also leave clothes around the rooms and this means I can forget to pack them! With pyjamas, I often do not check my bed before I go and so if my pyjamas are under my pillow, then I can often forget them!


I think it is less likely for any teenager to leave their phone behind. Most teenage girls, including me, are almost surgically attached to their phone and it will be with them all the time! However, ipads and laptops can often be forgotten after they have been used and then put back into drawer or somewhere else where they cannot be easily located!


I have left phone chargers and laptop chargers at hotels or on holiday, on so many occasions! While charging my phone, I often forget to take the charger and pack it as well! They can often be forgotten, due to their small importance and need to be packed. Usually before I leave a hotel, I am always charging my phone, but on the rare occasions when I am not, the charger is left on the table and I forget completely about it!


I have never ever left behind my glasses. Like how could you do that? I am wearing mine constantly, because otherwise I cannot see! I have left behind my glasses case several times, however, because I often leave it somewhere like on the bed and then it falls off or on my pillow. I have also left my sunglasses before at a hotel, whoops! I mean, I have definitely left them on tables before and then completely forgotten where I put them!


Sometimes with toothbrushes and toothpaste scattered all over the bathroom, it can be difficult to collect everything. Especially with makeup as well! If you are not very organised or tidy, your makeup will be spread across the whole basin area and not in your makeup bag, this can make it easy to forget where something is, or just to not pick it up. I myself, have never forgotten any toiletries or makeup before. I always make sure I check the bathroom thoroughly before I leave, to check for any thing I have left.


Jewellery is also commonly left behind. Small pieces such as bracelets or earrings can easily be lost and then never found again. As a teenage girl, I understand how this can happen. Especially, if you do not keep all your jewellery together! I do not wear that much jewellery, only the odd bracelet or necklace. However, if I am going on holiday, I try to avoid taking my jewellery at all costs. I really do not like losing anything! I love taking my name necklace with me because it is so nice! And it is very stylish!! Do you have one?

If you cannot handle leaving your jewellery behind, then make sure you are always wearing it or keeping it in a safe place, because it is horrible to lose something so expensive and valuable!

Last one...


I would NEVER be able to leave a book behind. Partly due to the fact that I am always reading! I read in the mornings and I read in the evenings. Before leaving a hotel, I am always packing my book in my backpack so I can read it at the airport. However, I can understand why so many teenagers leave them behind! If you were reading the book previously and then dumped it on the floor somewhere or under a cushion on a chair, then it is almost inevitable you will forget to pack it, especially if you do not like reading that much! Despite this, book lovers as well can leave books behind. Try to remember where you put them, or make a checklist to remember to pack your books for future holidays!

Thank you so much for reading this. What else have you left behind on holiday before? Any of the following that I wrote about? Comment below if you have! If anything you have left behind before has not been mentioned, then tell me so @bethlucyblogs and I may do a part two which will be completely on what you guys have forgotten before! Did you like this blog? I would really appreciate it if you like or share this blog, if you did. Thank you!

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