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Welcome back to my blog. Today, I am writing about this amazing book I started reading this week! Flawed, by Cecelia Ahern, which was first published in 2016. The book is under 400 pages. It is a young-adult book so it is not suitable to anyone who is younger than 12.

I really enjoyed reading this book, it was so engrossing and I finished it in less than a day. In other words, I absolutely LOVED this book and it is a must-read for anyone who likes fiction and fantasy books.

The good news for anyone who enjoys this book is that there is a sequel called 'Perfect'.


Celestine is an average teenager, with a loving family and boyfriend. She is growing up in a society where you are either flawed or perfect. She is perfect. The perfect are allowed to do as they like, but the flawed have to eat certain food, have curfews and they have a scar to show they are flawed. Celestine suddenly breaks a rule and finds herself flawed. She is no longer the same person, but she has not become weaker. She is now stronger than ever. Celestine becomes an idol for flawed, she prepares speeches and she becomes hated among some but worshipped among others. Journalists and reporters want to find out about her, she is a national sensation and is giving flawed people the voice they never had. But can she defy the heart-breaking rules of society, and can she prove that the Guild is flawed itself?

This is such an action book, full of clues and plot twists. It is an amazing read and I definitely recommend it if you enjoy reading books where the main character grows in confidence and the characters' personalities change. Celestine was inevitably my favourite character, I felt like I knew her so well and so I was so pleased there was a sequel, (which I had at my house.) The Sequel 'Perfect' was equally as interesting and engrossing.

In 'Perfect' Celestine is on the run with Carrick, the boy who watched her as she became branded with the flaw scars. She has a secret that could destroy the harsh rules of society and she is wanted among many. It is all about her escaping and her secret.

Although it is complicated to explain the plot well, without giving too much away, these two books are unbelievably good and definitely the best books I have read in a long while!

The only thing I disliked about both the novels, was that the setting seemed too similar to other books I have already read. However saying this, Ahern has done a fabulous job of making the characters original.

I would recommend these two books, to anyone who is into Young Adult books. I would definitely recommend these books to teenagers my own age, because I enjoyed them so much. They were easy reads, and page-turners! I loved them.

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