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Today I am writing a review on a book called homegoing which I read a few weeks ago. The book is by Yaa Gyasi and was published in 2016 and consists of 300 pages. This book is suitable for adults, although I would classify it suitable for teenagers as well. This book is not appropriate for younger readers, because it contains some upsetting scenes.

This novel, in my opinion, was fantastic. It was well-written and really helped me understand life in the 18th century up until the 21st century for black families. It really conveyed to the reader how difficult their lives were. It is historical and interesting to read about two lines of descendants of an African family, who have been split up and are on different sides of the Atlantic ocean. I really enjoyed this book!

THE PLOT: (Without spoilers)

This book is about two different girls. Effia and Esi. They are both growing up in completely different places with different backgrounds. Effia is the daughter of a house-maid and is loved by her father, but much detested by her step-mother. Esi, on the other hand, lives with her mother (Maame) and her husband called (Big Man). Through some shocking events in their village, some white men come and Esi finds herself living a completely different life to what was destined for her. She becomes a slave. While Effia, her sister that she never meets, becomes the wife of a slave trader.

This book is quite complicated if I am honest. The story follows Effia and Esi, through to their children and their children's children and so on. This book highlights the differences in the lives they lead. Esi's child grows up in a slave plantation and it is clear to the reader, her desperation to make sure her son does not live there. While, Effia's son grows up as a potential slave trader and marries a captured woman he is forced to marry. This story follows the lives of all the different relatives of Effia and Esi, showing the contrasts in how they live. As well, the book expertly shows what would have happened to these families throughout the changes in the centuries. Towards the end of the book you understand that slavery has been abolished and there is equality for black people.

The book has a more up-beat ending, but it really makes you wonder about your ancestors and the lives they have lived. I thought this book was superb! The historical detail is incredible, the different people mentioned in the book are interesting and their lives are well described. The story was captivating and a wonderful multi-generation novel of one family spilt into two. I found it extremely fascinating that Yaa Gyasi, the author of the book, is actually an African immigrant to the USA. This book could therefore even be based on her family's own experiences.

Once again, thank you for reading the review. If you enjoyed reading it, then please like it or share it on any of the social medias below. Have you read this book yet? Or do you think you will now if you haven't already? It was such a fantastic book and is definitely one of the best reads of the year, with a marvellous plot.

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