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Thank you so much for returning to my blog. Today, I am going to be writing about this amazing book which I read recently, while I was on holiday in Cannes! Have you read my Cannes travel blog yet? If you are interested in what to do in Cannes, then please click here.

This book, 'One of us is lying' by Karen McManus, was published for the first time last year. It consists of only 361 pages. which I believe is a short read. Now before, I get onto the plot, I always like to analyse the cover, because, although you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, I kind of always do. I mean, don't you?

The front cover:

On the front cover, there are the shadows of four people walking away. If you haven't already read the blurb and you have no idea what this book is about, well just to clarify, it is a murder mystery. The title is set in a glossy red colour to show blood, to show death...

The front cover is so interesting and I immediately wanted to read the book due to the intriguing front cover. I had found this book while I had been walking around my local book store, and it instantly caught my attention. It appeared sinister, but also incredibly interesting. The writing in between the title is quite captivating.

I really like murder mysteries, have you read the 'Murder Most Unladylike' series by Robin Stevens? If not, why not check out my review on them, please click here if interested.

As this is a classic murder mystery it seemed like the perfect book, but believe me, I am pretty sure anyone who likes reading will enjoy this story, it is so much more than just solving a murder. The book is split into themes, these are repeated the whole way through. There is love, power and conflict. Each of the characters are trying to pick up their lives after what happened and they start to change after the incident. They change their friends, appearance and their own characteristics.

THE PLOT: (Without spoilers)

There are five students all in detention together, they are all completely different and not really friends.


- There is Addy, the popular prom queen.

- Browyn, a geek. (She is a girl by the way! I thought it was a boy from the blurb, whoops!)

- Nate: who is one step away from a life of crime.

- Cooper: the sports star.

- Simon :the outsider who created a gossip app to share secrets of all the students at school.

Now, if you have read the blurb, you will know that Simon dies suddenly in the detention.The police find out about the app that he had made before he died and realise he has posts about the four other students in the detention. They believe it is no accident, so who was the murderer?

I thought this book was amazing, every chapter includes new twists and clues on each character. The characters become close friends, despite their contrasting personalities and interests. I liked discovering each of their secrets as it made me really think about who killed Simon.

I developed a liking for every single character who had been in the detention room. My favourite had to be Addy. She was so pathetic and horrible at the beginning, but over the course of the story, her character really changes and she becomes stronger and more likeable. I also really liked Nate, he seems so naughty that you instantly think he is the murderer, but my view of him changed during the book.

I cannot praise this book enough! I read it in just two days!! It was such a gripping story, that I could not put it down! I really recommend this thrilling novel, it is so interesting and definitely one of my favourite books of the year! I would recommend this book to teenagers and adults. This book is not suitable for younger readers below age 12. I would classify it as a young adult book!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked this book review! Want to read some more of my other book reviews? Then follow this link to see more of what I have been reading! Did you enjoy this blog? Please like, share or comment on this blog!

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