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Today I am using all the information you have sent me to write this blog post! This includes all the strange or expensive things you have ever left on holiday. To collect the data, I held a poll on my story. Out of the 70 people that voted that they had left something behind, 25 people sent me a message to tell me what they had left behind on holiday. Furthermore, 17 people commented on one of my posts to share some of the items they have left behind on holiday before.

I have used what you have all told me to make a list of the most popular things you have ever left behind on holiday!


Shoes seemed to be popularly left behind due to the results I have gathered! Out of the 45 people that told me what they had left on holiday, 5 people said they had left shoes behind. One was flipflops, two of them trainers and another were just generally referred to as shoes. I can understand how people can forget shoes, you leave them on the floor, out of the way. Maybe at the back of the cupboard or under the bed. Have you ever forgotten or left shoes while on holiday? I don't think I have!


Two people voted that they had left notebooks behind, and I can sort of understand why. I guess you leave notebooks lying around, it depends when you write in them. I am a very messy person and so generally I leave my notebooks all over the place!


I can understand how you can leave sunglasses, I mean, I do, all the time! They are so small and hard to keep track of where you have left them. Three people told me they had left sunglasses behind on holiday. Have you before?


Have you ever left your wallet on holiday before? I am pleased to say that I haven't! It must horrible to leave your holiday without your money! Only two people voted that they had left their purses behind...


I have never left my camera behind on holiday, I always try to keep my valuables near me or in a safe place where I can find them. But, I understand that in a rush, it can be hard to remember to get everything. Two people voted that they had left their camera behind while travelling.


Now this one seems obvious. So many people leave their clothes behind on holiday. Including me! I guess you either fold them up or hang them up neatly in one place, or you have them all scattered all over the room for whenever you need them. Whether you are neat or messy, most people leave clothes behind on holiday, I mean it is almost so hard not to! I always have clothes hung up and then one or two tops on the floor or under a cushion on a chair. It is also hard to know if you have everything, depending on how many clothes you bring. 8 people voted that they had left clothes behind on holiday before.


I guess it is normal to leave hair bands and ribbons behind on holiday. I mean I definitely have! They are so small they could go anywhere! Under a chair, table or sofa. Have you ever left any hair accessories behind or a brush or straighteners? I have definitely left my hairbrush behind, but never straighteners. 2 people voted that they had left hair accessories behind, and another person voted that they had left their brush and another their straighteners!


Have you ever left a cuddly toy on holiday before? It seemed teddies were the second most popular items to leave behind after clothes! 5 people told me they had left their teddies behind before! I find this quite astonishing, as for all the holidays I have been on as a child, I have never left my teddy anywhere! I guess it can be easy to leave them because they are just left under your pillow or in the bed! Out of the 5 people who voted this, 2 or 3 people got their teddies back after their parents went back to get them!


So many people have left chargers on holiday before, and I have too. They are so small and almost insignificant that it is easy to forget where you left them or more simply just leave them in the plug. 3 people voted they have left them on holiday before, but I bet many more people will have done as well!


Two people told me they had left their pyjamas behind before, and I can understand that because I think I have before as well, whoops! I have left them under my pillow and forgotten completely about them! Have you left pyjamas behind before?


As weird as it sounds, I have never taken my watch on holiday before, because I simply do not want to lose it! I do not have a case for my watch, and so if I did bring it on holiday, I would almost certainly lose track of where I would leave it. Three people voted that they have left their watches before on holiday. Probably leaving them somewhere they forgot to re-check. As they are so small, It is comprehendible that they can be put in a drawer for safety but then completely forgotten. I am sure if I ever take mine on holiday that would happen!


There are so many more things that people have left on holiday, but only one person voted for. I will not be going into detail on these items as much as the others:

- eye mask - lap top

- swimming costume

- goggles

- flash disc

- toiletries

- retainer

- phone

- headphones

- shampoo

-phone case

- lip balm

- blanket

Have you ever left any of these behind on holiday? Which one do you think is the weirdest to leave as well? I personally think an eye mask is a little strange... And also the phone case. Actually, maybe the retainer? Yep, actually, definitely the retainer is the strangest.

What do you think is the most expensive to leave behind? (Out of everything I have written about.) I would personally say the phone, laptop or wallet.

Thank you so much for reading this and to everyone who told me what they had left behind before! Have you left anything behind before? And if so did you get it back? If you enjoyed reading this blog, then I would really appreciate it if you like this blog post or share it! What was the weirdest item I mentioned? Comment it in the comments box below! If you liked this blog, you can read my first one on what is left behind on holiday by teenage girls. The blog post is based on my own opinions. Please click here to read it. Please also follow me on my Instagram - @bethlucyblogs and my bloglovin' - @bethlucyblogs to see more of my posts and blogs! (None of the pictures above were my own.)

Beth Lucy



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