Welcome back to my blog everyone! Today's blog is all about my favourite dresses. Now, it's nearly Summer, and this is my favourite time of the year to wear my dresses! So, I don't just buy dresses that are in fashion, but I like to wear what I call 'backless' dresses. These dresses have beautiful backs which are sometimes a few pieces of material tightly wound around the back to make a lovely pattern, however some of these dresses just don't have any backs to them. You probably won't understand what I am saying, but I hope you do when you see the pictures further down!

I have chosen a couple of my favourite dresses which are extremely popular. These are casual dresses which I bought in the Summer, last year. I will be listing examples of places where you can buy these dresses. However, all the items I mention and attach pictures of will not necessarily be available for purchase. Despite this, these are examples of the types of dresses I bought recently which are popular and similar dresses can be bought from almost any shop!

In addition to writing about the dresses, I will also be sharing my favourite backless top as an extra! I bought the top recently so it is still in the shop.


- Blue and white striped from Hollister. £39

- Black and red flower/dotted dress from H&M. £20


- Black and yellow V-neck from H&M. £9.99


I love this dress so much! I bought it from Hollister last year, but I never really got the chance to wear it in Summer. This dress is comfortable, and looks really lovely. The design is simple, but the back is very nice with the backless section and the dress joining back up in a tie. This dress was quite expensive, (as is most of Hollister's clothes!) But I absolutely love it and it was definitely worth the price! I would wear this dress for any occasion. It is more of a dress for holiday, but it could be worn for casual clothing or even for special events.

Here are some pictures of the dress from the front and the back.

Do you like this dress? If you do, then you can check out the rest of Hollister's amazing summer dress collection! The link from my 21 buttons post will take you to the website to browse! Click here.



I love this dress! I think it is the right colour and style to suit me, and as with the previous Hollister dress, there are so many different occasions when you could wear it! I would say you could wear this dress to meet friends, or even as smart attire.

I love the back on the dress, because it is a zigzagging pattern as the straps go across the back, which is really different to any other dresses I have! I especially like the design of this dress. Here are some pictures!

Unfortunately, like the Hollister dress, this dress has been discontinued from H&M and is no longer available for sale. If you would like to find an alternative to this dress, then you can check out the H&M website or my 21 buttons - @bethlucy - where I have posted backless dress alternatives.

So, they are all the backless dresses I own! Do you own more?? I am now going to share some pictures and information on a V-neck top I bought recently from H&M. I love it! It is a backless top and is still available to buy!


I saw this top in H&M and instantly knew I wanted to buy it! I loved the simplicity of it, with the yellow flowers. But because I am also a huge fan of anything without backs, I thought it was perfect! The top is a V-neck and so is quite low at the front. Towards the back however, there is a nice triangular shape where there is no back on the top. The top is tied together which looks really lovely as well! Here are some pictures:

Do you like this top? Or the outfit? Here is a link to my 21 buttons, where you can buy any of the items from the outfit!

Thank you so much for reading this fashion blog! I hope you liked it! If you did, please do not forget to share it or like the heart at the bottom. Do you own any backless clothes? Comment what they are! If you are interested in any more of my fashion blogs, then please follow this link to see my other fashion posts!

Beth Lucy



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