Hello Everyone!

Thank you for returning to my blog. Today I am going to be writing about some subjects you should definitely consider taking. Whether that is for GCSEs, A-level, or even your degree!

Firstly, you probably have in mind a few subjects you like, but I am going to be writing about a few that you could possibly take if you enjoy writing (as most bloggers do!)

1) English

English is definitely one of the most popular choices to take if you are a blogger, as the chances of you liking writing is quite high! Additionally, English involves a lot of essay writing, analysing poems and books and of course reading! If you do like English and would like to consider something similar for a degree, you could consider Creative Writing as it ties in with English and blogging really nicely.

2) Business

Although some people do not realise this, business and economics are two of the most similar subjects to blogging. In blogging, you have been setting up a blog, social media accounts and so much more! You have been using insights and analytics to see data and control views of blogs. This is all business! You are learning in business more about running your own independent company, but it is still very similar to blogging in the sense of building something up and learning how to make it better and more popular.

3) Media

Your blogs and social media posts are all online, so who said your GCSE or A level can't be? Media is a great option choice, it includes learning about businesses on social media as well as learning about how to create accounts on social media and the key tips on using the internet. Media is all related to using the internet and social media. It is also a great choice for people who are considering a career in marketing.

4) Photography

Are you less academic and more creative? Photography could be your subject! Although photography is less on the academic side of subjects, it is still a very fun and interesting option! If you are a blogger and do not like English that much, then photography could be perfect for you! It would help you to work on producing awesome shots which could be used on your blog and social media accounts!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post! I hope it was helpful. And these are all just suggestions and of course there are so many other subjects that link really well to blogging! But remember to choose subjects that you enjoy.

My next blog post will be a blog on my travels. Bye for now!

Beth Lucy



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