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Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog. My first blog of 2019! Happy new year! Today, I am writing about the best places I travelled to based on my posts from 2018. (So some of these places I actually travelled to before 2018.) These are some of the places that got me the most likes on Instagram and views in blogs. I will also be linking each travel blog if you are interested in reading some of them! (They are in a random order.)


The city was so historic and interesting! Additionally, it hosts the annual international film festival. I enjoyed my days there so much as not only was it historical, but it was also beautiful and we got so many amazing pictures while we were there! If you are interested in reading the blog. Please click here.


This beautiful city truly is one of my favourite in the world, not only is there the impressive Eiffel Tower, monuments such as the Arc De Triomphe and art galleries, but also there was the busy high streets, colourful cafes and restaurants as well as the amazing selection of shops. Find out about my time there In my blog, click here!


Washington D.C was one of the highlights of my travels in America. The city was so historical and there were so many amazing museums which I looked around. I also enjoyed seeing the White House and going inside the US Capitol Building. Click here to read that blog.


Reykjavik was one of the most amazing places I have ever visited in my life. It was a lovely city and everyone there was so friendly! The glaciers and lagoons were all extraordinary and I would definitely recommend spending time exploring them! My highlight had to be the blue lagoon, which although pricey, was one of the best experiences. The lagoon was 40 degrees in heat and is such a popular tourist attraction! Although it was reasonably busy, the lagoon is large and so there is a lot of room in it. If you are interested in learning more about Iceland, then please click here.


This was probably my favourite place that I visited this year. Not only did I go to Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier and go to the Griffith Observatory, but I also did much more! I spent a day with my family in Universal Studios which was so great and I really recommend it! If you are interested then please click here!

But I also found my highlight of the trip was visiting the OUE sky space centre which is 310 meters high! They had amazing interactive displays and an incredible 360 degrees views from the top of the building. Although expensive, I would really recommend going because not only are there great displays, but on the 70th floor there is the famous 'sky slide' I was so scared to do this slide as the glass slide is built outside of the building. But it is over in under 10 seconds, and It wasn't at all scary! After the sky slide we enjoyed taking photos with the angel wings on the glass, this photo was my mot popular on Instagram of 2018! If you are interested in reading my LA blog and to see more information on the sky slide, then please click here.

Thank you so much for reading this blog! I hope that you found it helpful or interesting. If you did like it then please make sure to click the heart at the bottom of this page and share it on some of the social medias. I will be posting again soon about my New Year's resolutions! Also make sure to comment where was your best travel of 2018!

Beth Lucy



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