I am Beth Lucy and I blog about my general interests, life style and fashion. I also love writing about book reviews and my interests in writing. My fashion blogs include my favourite clothes and seasonal looks.

I am aspiring to teach young people about the latest fashion trends and also to learn more myself.

I will be uploading regular blogs depending on different styles and new pictures of my clothes. I also have social media: YouTube and 21 buttons which I use the same username for. (Bethlucy)

Every blog I make related to my favourite looks and clothes, I will be uploading a picture of myself onto my social media app 21 Buttons so you can see what the clothes look like when on. Additionally, I will be posting pictures of the clothes I own when I am writing about them in my blogs; I will be including my opinions about the clothes and they will also have a link so you can find the website where I bought them from.

Thank you for reading this and please keep updated with my next blogs. Follow my Instagram (@bethlucyblogs.)

Beth Lucy



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