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Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog!


I understand and recognise that I have been extremely absent - apologies! I had (was supposed to have) my GCSEs this year in the UK, but unfortunately due to the global pandemic, my exams have been cancelled. As a result, I have much more free time to dedicate towards blogging and I couldn't be happier that being at home allows me to write more blogs for you all!

Today I'm going to be writing about reading and books! Due to the current situation in the world, I am unable to post any travel blogs, which is the topic that I predominantly focus on, but I will be sharing some 'throwback' posts on my Instagram of my Greek holiday in 2019 so go check out my Instagram @bethlucyblogs if you are interested! In this time of uncertainty and despair, it is so vital that people come together and unite, but most importantly, remain positive. I will hopefully be posting some blogs about 'how to stay motivated or happy' during quarantine or self-isolation so that you can have fun while at home! So make sure to check out my blog or my Instagram frequently to see what I share!


Recently, I put some polls on my Instagram stories, asking people about their reading preferences. Personally, I would describe myself as a prolific reader. I love reading and have been reading books of all genres since an early age. I think that my love of reading has really helped me with my blogging, writing for school (essays) and independent writing as a hobby. If you are reading this blog, you too are probably either a blogger or someone with a passion for reading.

My first poll question was:


Out of the 74 people that kindly voted, 69 voted that they preferred reading books (physically) and only 5 voted that they preferred reading on kindles.

This equates to 93% of people preferring to read actual books and only 7% preferring to read on kindles.

This data really surprised me, although I too also prefer actually holding the book and being able to read It without logging onto an electronic device, I expected that many more would prefer reading electronically due to the more advanced technology that is readily available nowadays and also due to its convenience. All the time now in modern society, you will see those on public transport reading from iPads or kindles - it is a more modern way of reading information and being able to communicate with others. Additionally, it's easier! On kindles or any other equivalents, you are able to start and pause audiobooks and also store lots of different books on your device. Therefore, it could be deemed easier to read from. Even when I was younger, I also had an electronic device to read from, although it was not a kindle, it was a kobo. It was cheap to buy and seemed extremely good value - mine cost only around £30 then and had a great selection of books available that I could read for free. However, it became tedious having to charge the kobo constantly and it was frustrating that the selection of books they had on offer for free was not very large - many books I wanted to read I had to buy! One could argue that realistically, you would have to pay for books anyway at a bookshop, but I still found it ridiculous as they were only marginally cheaper than those in book stores.

Not only was my kobo challenging for me to use - both with its constant charging and small selection of books that could be read for free, I just was not enjoying reading from it. With a physical copy of an actual book in your hand, everything seems different. There is some sort of stark contrast between an electronic device and a book. With a book, you can pick it up and continue from wherever you were before, you can really delve into the world of the characters and into the story, feel the rough edge of the spine and admire the battered cover if the book has been well-used and smell the fresh aroma if it is a new book. This really does juxtapose with the essence of reading from a kindle or another equivalent electronic device for reading. Do you get that same feeling when you read from it? Does it feel like escapism - that you are escaping reality? No probably not, we spend on average 4 hours looking at screens already, without having to torture our eyes by reading electronically too! Take a break and go and get a book - a real one that you can hold :)

As I've said already, I was pleasantly surprised by the results, expecting the kindle votes to be much higher! I'm also not trying to suggest in the slightest that kindles are bad investments - many love them for reading and i'm sure you all read from them already! But I really am glad that in these technologically advanced times, people still read from actual books - just like all those before us have :)



Out of the 69 people who voted - 52 voted book shop (75%) and 17 voted library (25%.)

For me, these results were what I expected. It is undeniable that most people go to bookshops to get their books - I mean who doesn't love a new book? I, for one certainly do! But since I was younger, I have been going regularly to my local library. Not only is it cheaper (believe me it is WAY cheaper - practically free unless you are like me and always keeping books out on loan and then have to pay) but it is also so much more sustainable! So many people are reading each of the books and by getting books out of a library - you are joining in in the community! I used to volunteer at a local library and I loved being able to walk through each of the aisles and just marvel at how many different genres of book they had! For me, libraries are the way forward - the future. They always stock new books too! However, realistically the way of the future is online. Many people responded to my poll, urging me to include 'online' in this blog. A lot of people do buy books online - which is understandable. It is easy, quick and delivery is very efficient. Additionally, there are some great deals online too and you can find literally any book that you hope to find!

However, also a lot of people sent me messages saying that they get their books from charity shops. I loved this response! I have also bought many books from charity shops - it is indubitable that it is the best place to go to if you want to find classics! I have bought so many books from my local charity shops and I have really enjoyed reading all the books! Charity shops are especially cheap - the best places to buy books from if, like me, you also enjoy reading a lot of books and going to a bookshop would be too costly and futile. I always try to donate to charity shops too, but buying from them is even better. It will not only help the community and the charity, but will be beneficial for others who depend on the shop for their living! I was also reminded by some of my Instagram followers in response to my poll, that charity shops have great selections, are so sustainable and their books can be passed on to family members, friends or just re-donated back to the shop.

With so much time off school, I have now started reading many of the classics and I love them! Widening my vocabulary and giving me an insight into the 19th century - I would recommend them if you have not read some of them already. My favourites include wuthering heights and pride and prejudice, but I still need to read some many more! I hope to do my EPQ next year on women in literature :)

Thank you for reading this blog - if you have made it all the way done here then you have done so well, I know it was a long one today! Thank you also if you voted on any of my polls - I really appreciate it! Let's all be mindful of the way we shop - trying to be more sustainable not only with books, but also with clothes and other items we buy. Let's have more thought for the planet we live on! if you have any additional thoughts then let me know on my Instagram @bethlucyblogs or in the comments below! Thank you and stay safe x

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