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I have recently read some incredible books by Robert Harris! He has written many novels. What I love about his books are they are all based on completely different historical topics so there is always a book for everyone. For me, Robert Harris' books were a major jump for me from reading teenage fiction to adult novels.

Out of his books, I have read: Lustrum, Enigma, Fatherland and Pompeii. Here are some reviews of Lustrum, Enigma and Fatherland. Pompeii, is about the lives of different families in different casts, living nearby Vesuvius and its affect on them. I really recommend it, and I found it extremely interesting to read after visiting Pompeii myself a few years ago.


Lustrum is a tense and dark story starting in Rome 63 BC. It is the sequel to Imperium, and it continues the story of Tiro (the slave) writing notes as a scribe for Cicero (the consul of Rome at the time) while he is in meetings. I should have read Imperium first, and I recommend you do, although I found Lustrum easy to pick up even when I was unfamiliar with the characters. Once I tried to read Imperium after Lustrum, I found it confusing as it was going back to the very beginning of Cicero and Tiro's lives and so I found it hard to understand.

The book starts off with seven men wanting to come to power in Rome: Caesar, Cicero, Catilina, Cato, Crassus, Clodius and Pompey. The book can be confusing when Tiro (the narrator) comes to talk about each of these men as they mostly start with 'C'. Despite, the fact at times it is hard to understand the book, once you are about half way through and roughly beginning to get the whole plots the men cast against the other, the book becomes unstoppable to put down and it is truly one of my favourite novels of all time!


Set during the Second World War, Enigma is all about Tom Jericho a young man, trying to break the code the Germans sent to each other. The book is set in Bletchley Park and explains Tom's life, how he has been chosen to do his job and his personal issues. The book dwells on the fact that Tom Jericho's former girlfriend at Bletchley Park could be linked to the fact she is a Nazi Spy.

It is such an interesting book as there are little novels based on the side of WWII that had nothing to do with fighting at the front or in a Spitfire aircraft. You get to know Tom Jericho and his role which is key to the success of Britain in WII, amidst the bombs falling in London and nearby.


Fatherland is a gripping story based in a futuristic Berlin as if Germany had won WWII. Set in the story, is the Berlin Detective March who finds a dead body of a high - ranking German, he immediately questions the witness and on receiving strange and unreliable answers to his questions, he discovers something is really wrong. As March investigates this case, he realises a long chain of evidence that could stop the third Reich, however the Nazis are on to him and realise that he has found something. This book is so thrilling and one of my favourite books ever, it is so intense and how the clues all add up is amazing, if you have never read any of Robert Harris' books, then I definitely recommend this one as the first one for you to read.


Read all these books already? Or want a more recent book to read? Try 'Munich' released last month by Robert Harris, a gripping story about the start of World War II. I am half way through this book (as you can see my book mark) but I already think it is amazing and it has taught me so much more about WWII.

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