The following information is necessary to read if you would like to subscribe to my blog. This page includes information on how your personal data is used and stored. 

What type of information is collected?

When you visit my website, your location and the time you spend on my website is stored on my Wix storage pages. Personal information is also collected on my website, such as your email, when subscribing to my blog. Collected information may be provided by users on my blog, however also Wix monitory tools collects some data without consent. Such as, (IP) address, comments and what pages your are browsing on my blog. 

How do I collect information?

When you subscribe to my blog, I receive some of your personal information that you have typed in. Such as: your name and your email address. Your information will only be used for specific reasons, such as mailing you updates on my blogs. 

Why is this information collected?

I collect personal and non-personal data and information for the following purposes: 

- To provide services 

- To provide users with ongoing customer assistance and technical support. 

- To contact users with messages. 

- To create statistical data. 

- To comply with applicable laws and regulations. 

How do I store, share, view, use and disclose visitor's personal information?

My blog is made with This means that when subscribing to my blog, your email and other personal information may be stored through's data storage, databases and general applications. will store your data behind a firewall, and I myself will only use your information to contact you on new updates on my blog. 

How do I communicate with site visitors?

I may email you regarding troubleshoot problems with your account, updates with my blog, questionnaires and surveys, new rules and information on applicable national laws. I may also contact you to enforce our User agreements. 

How are cookies and other tracking tools used?

Cookies are used on my site for security reasons and also for tracking time spent on my website by users. There are two types of cookies: 

Session (transient) cookies - These cookies are erased when you close the browser and they also  collect information in the form of a session identification, which means they do not collect personal information on the visitor on my blog. 

Persistent cookies are used also on my blog - These cookies are permanent, unless the information they store is changed or deleted. These cookies can identify things about the user and their web surfing behaviour etc.  

The cookies used on my website: 

svSession - its lifespan is persistent - This cookie identifies unique visitors and sessions on site. 

hs - its lifespan is session - This cookie is used for security. 

XSRF - TOKEN - its lifespan is persistent - This cookie is used for security. 

TSxxxxxxxx (x is replaced with a random series of letters and numbers) its lifespan is persistent 

and it is used for security. 

TSxxxxxxxx_d  (x is replaced with a random series of numbers and letters) its lifespan is persistent and it is used for security. 

You can check which cookies are being used, by using chromes built in cookie view. Click 'secure' next to the URL bar and then click 'cookies.' Make sure you are viewing in incognito mode so your browser 

doesn't detect cookies currently on your browser too. 

How can users withdraw their consent for their information to be stored?

If you do not want to be subscribed to my blog, then email me and I will withdraw you from the mailing list. 

Privacy Policy Updates:

I reserve the rights to update and change this privacy policy, so please review it frequently. Changes will take effect, immediately upon posting it on the website. If we make changes to this policy, then we will notify you on how it has been updated, so you are aware of the information we use, how it is collected, and if it is ever,  how we disclose it. 

If you would like to: access, correct, amend or delete any personal information I have about you, then please email me. - 

Thank you for reading this. 

Beth Lucy 

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