Hello Everyone! 

Today is Bonfire Night.


But why is it so important to celebrate it?

Bonfire Night is celebrated in Great Britain, because, In 1605, a man called Guy Fawkes and a number of other men, plotted to kill King James 1. They placed barrels of gunfire in the basement of the Houses of Parliament, in hope this would kill the King and they would therefore be able to restore Catholic Monarchy. 



The Plan didn't work and so on the 5th of November, bonfires were lit to celebrate the safety of the King. Guy Fawkes was arrested and as were his fellow plotters. Since then, Bonfire Night is celebrated on the 5th November to remember Guy Fawkes and his failed plan to kill the King. 

How do you celebrate Bonfire Night?


To celebrate Bonfire Night (or also sometimes called GuyFawkes night) you could do any of the following : 

- Watch a Fireworks display. 

- Have a Bonfire.

 -Toast Marshmallows. 

- Purchase your own fireworks. 

- Do sparklers. 

- Burn a dummy of Guy Fawkes. 






What I did for Bonfire Night:

I met up with many of my friends and we all went and watched a local firework display, although quite expensive, it was really nice and the fireworks were so beautiful! Additionally, you can also purchase fireworks and set them off in your own garden.




After the fireworks, we went back to my friends house and had a bonfire. We sat by the warmth of the fire and toasted marshmallows , while sitting on benches with blankets. 


To end our evening before we went inside, we all had two sparklers each. 


So, if you have no ideas on what to do tonight to celebrate Bonfire Night, then try some of my suggestions above! 

My next blog is going to be about my favourite autumn authors! So check it out if you need any good book suggestions!



Thank you for reading this  and check out my Instagram (@bethlucyblogs) if you want to know the dates of my NEW blogs next release!


Beth Lucy 


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