Currently I have written many book reviews by my favourite Authors, however not much on my fashion which is why I set up my blogs! I have already written a lot on my favourite autumn looks and so I thought I would write another fashion blog to represent my favourite clothes this Winter! 


My first favourite look this year is: 





I love this jumper, I bought it a few years ago and wore it especially in Winter as it is so warm and cosy. However, shortly after I bought it I realised it was not that popular and so did not wear it a lot. Recently, I went shopping and realised how popular they were! I have seen many different fluffy jumpers in a variety of shops such as: H&M and New Look. Not only can you buy this jumper, but you can also buy it in different colours. I prefer the white as I associate it with Winter, Christmas and snow, however the other colours are still really nice. This jumper is really nice and especially nice as well as extremely popular this year. I definitely recommend it! I have also uploaded a  picture onto my 21 buttons so you can see it here! Click here - bethlucy - to take you to my 21 buttons. 



Here are some photos of this jumper, if you click on the photo it will show you where the jumper came from which was H&M for about £17.99. Additionally, if you click the link to my 21 buttons you can buy it or save it there direct to the website. 




Thank you for reading this! If you liked this blog then please share it or like it! I was thinking of also doing some other items of clothing which I like this winter, however there are not many that I have not already mentioned from my previous fashion blog. If you are looking for some really nice warm shoes or trousers this Christmas, then check out that blog post following the fashion link. I would also love to hear your feedback so please comment what you think! Thank you!  Here are some links to my 21 buttons post of this jumper


- bethlucy 

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Beth Lucy 

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