Due to a poll on my Instagram story (@bethlucyblogs) I have decided to do a fashion post rather than a book review, however I will do a book review shortly. 


I hope you are all having a wonderful time off from school or work and are excited for Christmas Day! I have decided to put together some clothes (jumpers) which I love that you can buy for this Christmas! These are all from H&M as this Christmas i have only bought jumpers from there. They have a great selection, better than any of the other shops i have recently been to. Here are a few of my favourites. 


Here is my selection:


- Grey knitted jumper (H&M) - £12.99

- Pink  knitted jumper (H&M) - £12.99, however i got reduced to £5

- Blue Knitted mohair - blend  jumper (H&M) I paid for £25, now £10.49


These jumpers are all really nice and warm, but I want to tell you more about them, before you consider buying them. 





This jumper is really warm, and comfortable and I have not had any trouble with it. I bought it last year and it was a really popular purchase as there were so many people who bought it. There were many varying colours, i bought grey because it suited me well, however there were also other colours such as a pale blue, which my sister bought. I bought this jumper last year, however i was really disappointed when the selection of jumpers changed as this was my favourite jumper purchase and i wanted to buy another. This jumper has a turtle neck style which i can find sometimes quite uncomfortable, however this jumper is always warm and nice to wear. 




I bought this jumper last week, after finding it in the sales. This colour which is a pale pink is one of my favourite and the most popular of the year. I was so pleased when i bought this jumper as before when i tried on clothes of this colour they never suited me, however this one did. I was also really pleased that this was exactly the same style as my grey knitted jumper as i loved that one so much and hoped they would introduce similar products this year. One problem with this product is that it is quite itchy due to its turtle neck so you may find it more ideal to wear a turtle neck t-shirt underneath to stop your neck itching. You will also notice in the photos it looks very oversized and a lot bigger than the grey one, however this is perfect for tucking in.




This jumper is lovely, very warm and also looks very nice on the model on H&M'S website, it fits well. It is also a really nice colour between blue and green with grey specks, making it fashionable and unique. I got this jumper for my birthday and was really pleased, however when i wore it, it felt different to when i tried it on earlier in the year in the shop. It was very itchy and rubbed against my skin. Even when i wore a turtle neck top underneath, it still seemed to itch my skin, which as i am a sensitive person, really annoyed me. Hopefully, will improve in the months to come. Despite this, i really recommend this jumper and if itchiness does not annoy you then this is a great jumper to consider this Christmas. It is also very stylish and is oversized which makes it more cosy and comfortable. 



Here are some pictures of the jumpers when on, some of these pictures will also be uploaded onto my instagram and 21 buttons so why not check them out? Click on the underlined words Instagram and 21 buttons to see these pictures on my accounts:



Here are the other pictures:






























I hope you like them! Please check out my Instagram and 21 buttons to see more! Thank you for reading this, i hope you like it. Please share it or like it if you did. I will definitely be doing some more fashion blogs in the future as well as book reviews and travel blogs so watch out for them!

Beth Lucy 



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