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I haven't written a fashion blog in ages and so I decided I would write a blog on my favourite spring looks, because you know it is April now and although it doesn't feel like Spring, it definitely is! 

If you like Fashion blogs, then I have plenty more lined up this year. Including my favourite dresses, outfit and more! 


For today, I have chosen a few of my favourite jumpers and tops which I think are definitely ideal for Spring! Some of these clothes would not have been bought recently and so the shops I bought them from will have discontinued this jumper or top, however I am doing this blog more to show you different styles than exact clothes that you can buy. However, saying this, there will still be some shopping opportunities for you! I will be linking my 21 buttons to every piece of clothing that I have on the app so you can check it out. 

So, firstly, I am going to share a new floral patterned top I bought from H&M. 



Flounce Blouse - H&M - £17.99

Black Suedette Loafers - New Look - £19.99

Slim tapered suit trousers - Topshop - £45.00






I chose this top as the only top for today's blog post, because I think it is extremely suitable as a piece of clothing for Spring. Firstly, it is floral, which screams at me Spring with daffodils and new flowers! Also, it is long sleeved and this is great because during April and May it can sometimes still not be that warm and so a long-sleeved top is great to wear. I also liked how it is smart and yet casual, you can wear it for a special occasion or just with some jeans. I would recommend, that you wear a black top underneath however, because it is quite see-through between the buttons, but not too noticeably. 




These trousers are smart, comfortable and perfect to wear with anything. They also go really well with this top! 



I love these shoes! I bought them last week and they are so comfortable to wear and also really attractive and popular at the moment! Loafers are really stylish and fashionable, I have seen so many people wear them. They look really good in both a casual outfit and a smart one! 


Here is another  picture with this top, so you can see how it looks when on! 




Like this top? To check out more, head over to my 21 buttons where you can see this top and potentially buy it! 


This is the link, please click here


Now, the next few items are jumpers, which I chose. These were not purchased as recently as the blouse and so are only examples of popular styles at the moment.





- A burgundy/ pink cropped jumper - H&M 

- A floral patterned grey cropped jumper  - H&M 

- A burgundy sweatshirt - H&M 




This jumper is one of my favourites for Spring. It is not too cosy but not going to make you cold, it is perfect for Spring. It is also a beautiful colour (pinkish burgundy) and is a cropped jumper. This means you must wear a crop top underneath for it to look right, and ideally high-waisted jeans. Here is a picture of me wearing the jumper and then one from behind. 





From the back, you can see that you need a pair of high-waisted jeans, otherwise there would be a space where people would be able to see your shirt underneath the jumper.

Here is another picture from further away!





From further away, you can see the whole outfit better, I hope you like it! Unfortunately, I have not got it on 21 buttons as I did buy it a while ago!






I love this jumper, it is so comfortable and cute! It has little pink and white flowers embroidered across it which is also perfect for Spring. It is also not too furry on the inside which makes it so good to wear during Spring. Here are some pictures and a link to my 21 buttons if you are interested in checking it out! 








And here is another picture of the top from far away! As you can see, it also had flowers embroidered along the back of the sleeves. Here is the link to my 21 buttons! Click here if you would like to view the post on my page!

I have also included a picture closer so you can see the embroidered flowers on the sleeves!



                                                                       I also like how this jumper is suited for tucking  in as well and yet still looks good!






Now my last jumper has actually been mentioned in a fashion blog before, it was from my Autumn looks! I chose this burgundy jumper  because burgundy is so popular at the moment and is a lovely colour for Spring! 





This burgundy jumper is so perfect. Not too cosy, but just about right and so perfect for Spring days! As well, it is incredibly versatile as I can wear it in Autumn! I think it is the perfect size and shape, however you can get sweatshirts from other shops in burgundy but in different patterns which are equally popular! Here are some pictures of the burgundy sweatshirt:



 Here is a picture from behind! 



 If you liked this jumper, then click here to read my other blog post on it and a chosen outfit. Unfortunately, it is not on 21 buttons as I did buy it from H&M in Autumn, however, many similar jumpers are still being sold and are just as popular as this one! 









Thank you for reading this! I hope you liked some of the jumpers I mentioned or the top! I will be doing many more blogs on Fashion, similar to this so I am really excited. To see my blog schedule then check out this page on my website to see what is coming up next! My Instagram is - @bethlucyblogs If you would like to check it out!!



Beth Lucy 






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