Hello everyone! 

Welcome back to my blog, today I am going to be sharing the rest of my questions sent in for my q+a blog. Thank you if you sent some in as I had so many and it was so lovely of you to give me some ideas for this blog! If you haven't already read my first q+a post, you can read it here


Anyway, here are the questions!


1) What is something you love about where you live? (hometown)


The town I live in is quite small, but very pretty, which I love about it! Also, everyone is super friendly and kind!


2) In which decade/century would you like to live in and why? 


I am a big fan of history and so I would love to go back into the past and experience life in maybe the tudor times or during the 19th or 20th century. However, I think it would be equally cool to go into the future, so I am not sure! I am quite happy with 2018, I would probably want to stay here. 


3) Who is your favourite person and why?


My parents. They are so supporting and always there for me when I need them. I can't choose between them both though as my favourite person!


4) What is your favourite food? 


I love any kind of food so that is really hard to decide! My favourite meal is probably a curry. Chicken curry maybe... But I also love fish and chips and burgers!


5) Grey or blue? 


That is so hard! Blue is my favourite colour, but I also really like grey. I would probably say grey for dying your hair :) 


6) What makes you happy? 


Reading, writing and shopping. I also love being with my family and my dog. 


7) What GCSE's are you taking? 


I am taking geography, history,French and business. I am taking history because it is my favourite subject and geography because I really like it. I am taking French because I would find it amazing to learn a language, and I also really like French. I am taking business because I think it will be super interesting to learn a subject they don't teach before GCSE's at my school :)


8) Do you get contacted by businesses and do they send you stuff? 


I do get contacted by businesses, but I often reject their offers because at the moment I am not sure I would like to market their products. I do not have enough time and I only want to work for brands that I actually like. I also do not do a lot of advertising for companies, because then I am not being my own person anymore. My Instagram is supposed to reflect me and my personality :) 


9) Who is your biggest inspiration? 


For blogging, definitely Zoella. I have read one of her books, I follow her on Instagram and I read her blogs. She is such a lovely person as well and so I really aspire towards being like her. My second biggest role model is Taylor Swift! She is such a fantastic singer, as well as a beautiful and smart woman. I think she is such a kind-hearted person as well and I cannot wait to see Reputation in the Summer!


10) What hobbies do you do? 


I do four hours of swimming a week and one of tennis. Additionally, I do athletics and running outside of school as well as a lot of sport inside of school. I love reading and writing, they are possibly my biggest passions! However, I also do blogging now :) 


11) Where is your favourite city? 


I love so many cities, but I would have to say Paris. Paris is so beautiful and an amazing place with so much to do! I also really like New York and Reykjavik though. They come

next on my list :) 


12) If you started a YouTube channel, what kinds of videos would you do?


 I actually already have a YouTube channel which I started last year! I don't post videos on it (there is only like two videos on my channel) and I only have 4 subs! But if I was to continue with my channel and post more often, then I imagine I would do lots of shopping hauls as I go shopping a lot with my friends. Or maybe study and revision videos, because although it sounds boring, that is literally what I spend all my time doing :( 



13) Where do you eat the best food?


This one for me is really difficult, because I eat really good food at a variety of different places and restaurants. I love Chinese, Italian and Thai food and so I am not a fussy eater. My favourite restaurant is probably Wagamama because I literally love everything on the menu and the food is really healthy and delicious :)


Thank you so much for reading! I got so many questions sent to me that I couldn't possibly include them all, but if I do another blog post on this then I will make sure to include them. Please like this blog post if you enjoyed it or share it on one of the social medias below. Thank you!


Beth Lucy



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