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Today, I am writing about what you should definitely do when you are in London. As I live on the outskirts of the city, I commute into the centre often to go and visit some of the most renowned and prominent places / tourist spots. I am going to list some of the best places that I recommend visiting and also some of the less touristy areas that I really recommend you looking at while you are there!



1) The museums! 


There are so many and some of them contain world-class exhibitions and displays. My favourites include the History museum, Science museum and V&A. However there are numerous that I would recommend checking out, they are also very easy to reach as many are only a few minutes away from one another. Majority of these museums are free as well, and only exhibitions are booked online. 


2) The Streets/ popular areas. 


Oxford street is a popular road in London for shopping as there is an immense variety of shops to choose from. Ranging from clothes shops to small cafes and large department stores. The road is actually one of the busiest in Europe as there are over half  a million daily visitors. In 2012, the road was over 1.5 miles long and consisted of  300 shops. So although it will be extremely busy, it is definitely somewhere to visit if you enjoy shopping! In addition, the decorations on Oxford Street are beautiful, making it a popularly photographed area of London, which is the same for Regent street as it is equally 'instagrammable.' There are also many other popular areas of London, such as Belgravia which is an affluent region in London due to the large family homes which range in price but are usually over £4 million! Areas such as Notting Hill are also extremely popular as the colourful houses make great backgrounds in bloggers shots! These areas are much more quiet and so perfect for a photo shoot opportunity.

3) Sky garden. 


Although it involves booking in advance, sky garden is free to the public and is therefore a highly regarded touristy spot. You can admire views of London from the 'walkie-talkie' building in the historic centre of the city. It was first opened in 2015 and since then, it has gained popularity quickly, The panoramic views are beautiful and so is the nature and the garden!


4) The Globe. 


Experience being a  'groundling' at the globe!  The globe is a large theatre in London which was built in 1599 by Shakespeare's playing company, so that his plays could be watched by big crowds each night. The theatre was destroyed in a fire in 1613 but was fortunately recreated so that today, you can still go and watch a play in the stools or stand the entire time and be a 'groundling!' Although being a groundling is a great experience, the globe does not have a roof and so when it rains, people standing get very wet! I would advise booking seats as well as some plays are quite long. There are also many more theatres in London which I would recommend visiting. The Victoria Palace theatre is currently showing the award-winning 'Hamilton' musical  which is the most sought-after theatre showing in London!


5) Buckingham Palace & The Palace of Westminster 


These historic buildings are a must-visit! Buckingham Palace is home to the Queen and the 'Palace of Westminster' is home to the Houses of Parliament. There are over 1,000 rooms there and you can book tours to explore these beautiful palaces!

6) God's own junkyard 


This 'gallery' contains neon artwork and is especially significant as its last owner collected some of these neon signs for over 37 years! I definitely recommend bloggers visiting if you want some aesthetic and original shots!


7) The Shard 


The PERFECT place to get the best photos of London from, and it is so incredibly high up! I also love the restaurants there!

8)  Slide down the Orbital!


The Olympic park was opened in 2012, and it is definitely somewhere to visit! The park is quiet, but so beautiful and the slide is the tallest in the UK! You can also enjoy the beautiful views of the Park from the top of the Orbital. I would also recommend exploring the swimming centre, and even going for a swim there, as well as going shopping at Westfield. 


9) China Town 


This beautiful area of London between Soho and Theatreland is an amazing place to stop if you are close by. The bilingual street signs, decorations and shops devoted to Asian culture are fascinating. Not only is this area of London beautiful to photograph, with golden lion statues and red and black gates which depict those in Asian countries, but the food is also delicious! I always enjoy going to eat there. 


10) The London Eye. 


An iconic landmark of London which you definitely need to check out! This giant ferris wheel on South Bank is renowned for its incredible views and astonishing height. The queues are long, but once you are in your pod, time seems to fly by! Many of London's landmarks are visible from the top of the eye, such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. Additionally, at night London is lit up and the views are even more spectacular. 

11) Somerset House


At Christmas, I really recommend visiting Somerset house as there is a huge ice skating rink and the Christmas decorations are up! It is super instagrammable and fun to visit. 


12) Madame Tussauds


This museum never fails to disappoint! I have been twice already and cannot wait to go for a third time. Home to over 300 life-sized wax figures, Madame Tussauds is world renowned for being a waxwork figures museum ever since it opened in 1884. Explore the history of the museum with the story of Madame Tussaud and then enjoy taking photos of some of your favourite celebrities. More figures are being released all the time, so make sure to go and check out the museum. 


13) The London Cafes!


Some of London's cafes are amazing! My favourites include Peggy Porschen's and Elan café. Elan Café is a popular spot for its pink 'instagrammable' designs and flowery walls (not to mention the great food!) And this goes for Peggy's as well, which is a favourite food spot for bloggers currently! 





And finally... There are so many places that are FREE to go to in London and are totally instagrammable! Including pictures over the Thames of the London Eye and Tower Bridge, or photos in Daunt's bookshop and in the tunnels of Covent Garden. Not to mention the beautiful flower markets in Covent Garden that you do not want to miss out on! To check out more places to visit then please click here to read my 'most instagrammable places in London' or here to see more places that I am aspiring to visit on my pinterest 'London' board (or places that I have been to before.)


Thank you for reading and I hope it was helpful!

Beth Lucy

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